Pensión Araba 1 and Pension Araba 2 are located in the full downtown of the city. In Florida and Independence street, next to the well-known Dato street, and near from Renfe Railway Station and Virgen Blanca. There are 2 minutes walking between Pension Araba 1 and Pension Araba 2.


All client will be received in Pensión Araba 2, in the 25th of Florida street next to Dato street and very near from Renfe Railway Station.


GPS Location:

GPS coordinates: 42.84307922-2.67154924

Distances from ours to….

Distances walking through the city

  • Angulema street´s trolley stop: 1 minute
  • Paz street´s bus stop: 1 minute
  • Renfe railway station: a 1 minute
  • Bus station: a 10 minutes
  • Free parking at Campus 3: minutes
  • Plaza Virgen Blanca: 3 minutes

Distances on car from Vitoria to…

  • Vitoria´s Airport (Foronda): 10 minutes
  • Bilbao´s Airport (Loiu): 50 minutes
  • Valle Salado Añana: 30 minutes
  • Bilbao: 40 minutes
  • San Sebastián: 80 minutes
  • Rioja alavesa: 40 minutes